Sunday, July 19, 2009


Gift-giving ideas to the parents don't seem to create uniformity among brides. One bride does this, another does that, and everyone agrees to disagree. Personally, I didn't want to do a formal bouquet presentation, nor did I want to give them something that was not practical. So I decided on pictures.

When I was studying on Bear Territory figuring out what to do to maximize my 3.5 years there, my momma was at home (after a hard day of work) looking at the latest pictures I had uploaded on to their computer or pausing in front of hard-copy pictures that I'd sent to her. That was her way of coping with her child leaving the nest. It hasn't changed much since I started building my own nest with one of the male species who sang out to me.

I did my homework and read up some reviews on various companies to find out who wouldn't mess up my first-ever order. The choice was an easy one. I used Snapfish back when Oprah was doing her free photobook giveaway (another one of those "just because I'm Oprah" events - Thanks, O!) The book took me hours of editing because I was very particular about what I wanted where and how large/small. But in the end, they couldn't wreck free and it was most definitely worth it. It was a hardcover with 20 pages, pictures on front and back cover, text on front and back and spine (I really liked that). The pages are nowhere near the thickness of our flushmount album, but it's definitely thicker than paper I would use to print my essays. Quality of everything was better than I expected, and it was even shipped in a flat cardboard box. (The second time I ordered multiple so it was bubble-wrapped.)

Now on to the visuals!




Some photographers offer these parent books as an a la cart option for their customers. The books are not the same as the flushmount, but are still quite expensive for what you're receiving. Hence my decision to take the concept and find a solution to come out as the (satisfied) winner, not the (money-) loser.

Note: This decision was made independently from Yong Studio. Never did he pressure us to do/sign anything. He understood our budget situation when we came up with a package to obtain a hi-res DVD of all our pictures edited and this is one of the beneficial outcomes of that.

Would I recommend Snapfish? Yes. (But use coupon codes for discounts!)

For 20% off ALL photobooks, use coupon code BOOKSALE. Offer ends July 26, 2009.

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