Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hamburger Cupcakes + Brownie Balls

As promised, pictures from today's harvest in the kitchen! A few words before the "1000 words"...

Unfortunately, I cannot claim creativity points for this project. I first saw these sugar burgers on Bakerella. However, I do claim brownie points (pun intended) for the 3.5 hours I spent on these slider-wannabes.

Without further ado:

The mess I made:
The yummy mess I made:

Now, what to do with all those brownie "scraps"...

Make brownie balls, of course!:

I will admit that I rolled the balls a bit bigger than I should have. But since I had been in the kitchen for half of the afternoon, I didn't want to dip so many. Result: Too sweet. (Even Tad ate just one!)

There it is folks - hamburger cupcakes + brownie balls:

What I discovered...
  • WAX PAPER! - I've had it lying around, yet every time I baked a cake or brownies I'd dump it upside down onto a cutting board or plate. Why didn't anyone tell me to use wax paper???
  • Cookie cutter - This is super neat. But the only round thing I could find was an ornament shape cutter so that's what I used. I then found that it was too big for my "burger buns," hence the trimming with a butter knife. I do think that it gave it more of a patty texture though. :)
  • Food coloring - I know it's been a while since I've last used it, but when did it change from the liquid droplets to gel??? It was difficult to measure (creating the red took a long time, and the green took even longer) because I couldn't count drops.

What I would do differently next time...
  1. Think about how/where I'm going to transport the burgers to/onto in order to avoid catastrophic consequences (ie, "lettuce" smearing onto other buns).
  2. Add a fruity-ness to the brownie balls. OR Use white chocolate for dipping and drizzle the milk chocolate on top.
  3. Perhaps petite fours instead of brownie balls?

The extras I sent with Mr. Woo to take to class and "play nice with the other kids." :)

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Zinnia said...

jane! i want to try one of these brownie balls...and those hamburger cupcakes! super cute!