Friday, July 17, 2009

They want a sub? :(

Another episode of Mrs. Woo's class. This time, summer school...

Mrs. Woo: Mr. Woo bought me a book to read to our children, but since we don't have any right now, I'm going to read the story to y'all.
Student #1: Why don't you just get pregnant then?
Mrs. Woo: Well, I'm not.
Student #2: Are you going to be pregnant tomorrow?
Student #3: Ohh! Are we going to have a sub?
Mrs. Woo: -_-

Then, later in the day... after I was done teaching them enough English and Math for one morning, they scurried off to Art where they made flower pens!

Student #3: Here, Mrs. Woo.
Mrs. Woo: Ohh, it's beaUtiful!!!
Student #1: Can I have mine back? I have you the one I made for my mom, but you can have this one.
Mrs. Woo: :/
Student #4: Mrs. Woo, this is for you.
Mrs. Woo: Wow! These are more beautiful than my wedding bouquet!
Student #4: What kind of flowers did you have?
Mrs. Woo: Well, I had roses, but these are prettier because my students made them for me.
Student #4: Actually, can I have mine back?
Mrs. Woo: :(

(She later gave it back. And after receiving a handful more from other students...)
Student #5: (shouts) Mrs. Woo is so popular!!!
Student #6: (shouts) Mrs. Woo is on the red carpet!!!

ahahahaha I suppose after the trouble they give me they don't really want a sub and even have enough heart to give me something more. :)

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