Saturday, July 18, 2009

i iz a well stoodeNt

The end of summer is near which means it's progress report time. In the midst of the awww-I-don't-want-to-go-through-ALL-of-those-notebooks-ness, there are a few shinning moments that get me to the other end. No, not the "brilliantly genius" shining, but the "haHahAhAhah" shining. All conventions theirs; here we go...

Example 1:

Describe Amber.

"Amber has sordove a messy hair. Amber is wearing black pance..."

When I say "sound it out and try your best" that exactly what he gives me.

Example 2:

Describe Amber.

"discrib amber
she is very mesy..."

Okay, I can understand Example 1, but when I write the directions/spelling on the board, is there really any excuse?

Example 3:

Write a letter to Amber about her problem with Jusin.

"Dear Amber Brown,

If you are sad because your best friend had left to Alabama. You can build two suspension bridges for the Tacoma Narrows Bridges, that will be extra fun becing an engineer. Or your best friend could write a letter to you, or you can twist the deck of Galloping Gertie. and break the cables by wacking it down and you can use a big piece of lego to wack the towers. The collapse is on 1940.

Your friend,

I'm watching out for this student. He's either going to be some crazy good engineer or the destroyer of all bridges. Either way, his fascination with bridges amazes me.

Do you have any of your old school work? What were some of your obstacles?

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