Monday, July 6, 2009

FAQ: What do you cook?

As I see familiar faces around school and church, one of the popular questions I am asked is: What do you cook?

So here in words and pictures (those together have to add up to over 1000, right?) is my response...

*Scrambled eggs
*Chicken-apple sausage
*English muffin
*Yogurt parfait
*Combo of above

*School cafeteria food

DINNER (This is where I use more variety.)


*Fish - skate wing, salmon, mackerel
*Slow-cooked meat - drumsticks, pork
*Pasta with seafood
*Fried rice

*Veggies - carrots, broccoli, corn, asparagus, baked potato, mashed potato
*Garlic bread
*French fries

*Fruit - apples, pears, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries
*Ice cream

*Avacado with Veggie Garden Sunchips/Ritz
*Korean snacks

I probably left out a couple of dishes but you get the gist of what our meals are like.

Why the "trouble" is all worth it:
That expression, which was not staged, came with
"Aw, Boo, this is SO GOOD! We should SELL this!" :P

Now a few things that I've come to hold to...
  • My recommendation: Purchase good quality tools in the kitchen (you won't regret it unless you never use them).
  • My advice: If you won't serve it to the Queen of England, don't serve it to anybody.
  • My favorite spice: TLC - tender loving care. :)

Happy cooking!


junia said...


dan tsai said...

that sequence of pictures is your greatest work yet.

I'm at work and I can't stop laughing

as for TLC being the best spice... you know what the Bible says: better is a dish of vegetables where love is, Than a fattened ox served with hatred. (Prov 15:17)

Abe Choe said...

no korean food?

I'm getting married to Mr. Woo! said...

I haven't cooked Korean since we got married... but while dating I made bibim nangmyun, soojaebi, dwenjang jjigae, bibim bap, galbi, and some banchan. Maybe some other dishes. Isn't mackerel a Korean thing?