Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shotguns + Daughters

A lovely conversation on our way home from church...

Mr. Woo: Man, it must be so hard to let go of daughters.
Mrs. Woo: Yeah, but then they start their own families.
Mr. Woo: I'm gonna buy a shotgun... scare those boys away...
Mrs. Woo: Why??? I want our daughter to get married! You're going to scare the suitors off!
Mr. Woo: He's gotta be a man. If he wants to marry my daughter, a shotgun shouldn't scare him away. The shotgun's for the boys; my daughter's gonna marry a man.
Mrs. Woo: Ohh, that's true.

So there it is folks. Future suitors: beware. You have been forewarned.


junia said...

...future suitors probably aren't born yet..

I'm getting married to Mr. Woo! said...

@Junia - We're ready when they are.

Kevin said...

have you asked mr woo what he woulda done if your daddy showed up with a shotgun?