Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ball gown! ...Is this thing on?

If I could get married again (to the same man, of course), I would.

But I can't (I already asked).

Still, I delight at the thought of being able to wear a pretty crisp white dress, swoon over new venues I discover, and gawk at the massive deals around. I'm no fairy godmother (I'm more of a Glinda who can't perform spells), but I shall share some of my findings to an audience who may benefit from my research - or just enjoy the eye candy. :)

Exhibit A: David's Bridal
You can't really go wrong with the most-brides-will-check-it-out bridal store. And with their frequest $99 gown sales, who can blame them? Let's take Style: VW8893 for example. The organza, the ribbon, the buttons(!) down the back, the sweep train... sigh. This dress could make even little 'ol me look tall and slender with its trimmings in the right places (think telescope)!

Exhibit B: WeddingBee
This wedding blog has become a big hit among the wedding community. There's pictures, a group of 20 bride-to-bee bloggers (plus the past bees), pro advice, and a classifieds. I came across these glass vases and thought they would make chic centerpieces. Imagine the possibilities with the white - tabula rasa! I'd like to have a few myself and display them on a black shelf with some magazines/books to add some color.

Exhibit C: Ebay/Craigslist
I've said it before, and I'll say it again - do your homework! There's really no reason to pay full price if you can, with a little research and patience, find steals for much less. If you want help, e-mail me and I'll dig through the endless pages of the WWW to find what you need. Dresses, decor, photographer, whatever - it's all there. By the way, my shoes came in and fit wonderfully.

Exhibit D: Etsy
Where to begin... Etsy is like a cute little store (that has grown to be ginormous) of handmade products. You'll find adorable cake toppers, "green" flowers, brilliantly made boleros, gorgeous fascinators, and so much more. But be careful, the sellers who are making a name for themselves and asking for a lot more now. My favorite trend at the moment: birds and branches. I'm really liking birdcage veils with fascinators too - super chic.

Gone are the days when people were unable to research much online, or even refuse to order anything from it when they could. Sure you could plan as they did back in time during the snow-was-up-to-here-when-I-walked-to-school-(barefoot) era. But today, without the Internet, wedding planning would definitely not be the same. I'd advise you to take advantage of it.

Which aspect are you most looking forward to/did you enjoy most in planning?

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