Thursday, September 25, 2008

The $0 BM shawls

Howdy Bees!

In my previous post, I told you about my $12.50 BM dress. And today I'll give one option of finding cover-ups for your gals - for $0.

Our wedding is at our church and because we don't feel comfortable bearing our shoulders, especially in front of our pastor, we will all wear some type of cover-ups (mine will be in another post).
It's not secret, really, to finding $0 BM shawls. Due to the larger number of weddings we're having at our church, it's been harder to keep track of who wore what. But if you're a bride on a tight budget, there's always the option of borrowing. The recent brides have been accompanied by 8+ BMs so while going through what each of them wore, I recalled one of the cream colored shawls that were used in another January wedding. I ran the idea of borrowing those to my gals, and they liked the idea. Done, $0 BM shawls. And all it took was one question to a few people. :) Hoorah!

However, if you're looking for other options or unique cover-ups, check out Etsy. It's great because you'll find a lot of unique and beautiful items, many who are willing to customize your order. And Ebay has always been a handy source as well. Tip: For a wider selection, try searching using a variety of words (e.g., for cover-ups try shawl, bolero, jacket, etc.)

(Photo taken from sweetcharlotte on Etsy)

Where else can a bride find affordable cover-ups?

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