Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"This way please..." - Part I

I find that one of the hardest things about wedding planning is that you're only allowed to have one. And it's the same with our escort cards - I only need one. Boo. But (fortunately?) I have a limited pool of moolah to make it happen so that alone automatically eliminates some choices. Then comes in the other limiting factor of time (which some say is money). So with those two considerations, I have narrowed down my choice to fabric-covered boards with ribbons adhered horizontally. I am making small cards which will display the guest's name and table number on the front, and a brief thank you note inside.

My wedding colors are: winter white, sangria, and steel gray. I really want the accent colors to pop that evening so I'll probably use the red as the backdrop color and use various red ribbons. The cards I'll print on gray cardstock (or something like it). Today, I'll just show you a mock trial of what I'm doing for the cards, and in segments, take you through the process.

I made the template (which I can make available for your use) on Microsoft Word using columns and copy/paste. Just to see what was out there, I browsed through Clip Art and found a scrolled design that I liked. I playing around with it and tried putting it above the text and then below, but it didn't quite look the way I wanted it to. When I asked Mr. B for his opinion, he asked "why not have it on both?" ...Brilliant. So I copied the design and pasted one on the other side of the text. Next, I inverted one of the designs so it had more of an aesthetically pleasing look.

I present to you my mock escort cards which will are ready to be used on my fabric-covered board (yet to be made):

Other than ClipArt, where are you finding designs for your escort cards?

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