Friday, September 26, 2008

Disposable cups, now for HOT beverages!

Hello Hive!

You know, I was thinking 'If there are disposable toasting flutes, why aren't there disposable plastic cups for hot beverages?' And that's when I made a new discovery: Those clear, plastic cups that you can see through so you can play with color and texture and other aesthetics in your choice of beverage - now available for hot drinks too!

This is great news for those of us having winter weddings because it allows us more options! Since I'm on a tight budget, I can't afford glass mugs for all 168 of my guests. But this provides an affordable alternative so that I can still have clear cups instead of styrafoam (I can it now, my younger guests "drawing" on those cups with their nails and spilling the hot contents onto the table...). And, you can't forget another important factor: rather than trying to fit 168 mugs into a dish washer (or spending hours creating shifts until they're all clean), you can just toss it into the trash! Yay for less clean up on an already hectic day! :)
(Photo taken from SHP)

I've used the clear ones for a bridal shower and they worked great. We staked them up upside down to make a cascading effect for decoration. I liked that they were light-weight, yet sturdy. No cups leaked, none melted, and all of the ladies had a lovely tea party.

How and what and would you serve in these displosable cups?

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