Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flowers By Anne

Still looking for flowers at affordable prices? How about Flowers By Anne?

The florist I had tracked down has beautiful work. She did flowers for one of my friends. But in trying to work with her for my own wedding, I've found her to be terrible at communication (it's taken my writing TWO e-mails before she replied after a few weeks...). I don't know about you Bees, but I don't think I want to work with someone so unreliable (I feel like I have to pull teeth before seeing some progress...)

But in other news, I was referred to Flower By Anne from a friend who married in June (popular month, but customer satisfaction regardless). Taking my own advice, I read a few reviews on Yelp and saw pictures of her work from her website as well as from my friend's wedding. I particularly liked the floral designs pages where you'll find dozens of detailed lists (I'm a list kind of gal; I thrive off of them) of various flowers she's used and pictures of the results. The online estimate (returned back to you within 48 hours) is free, so I'm going to get mine in soon.

For those of you in the Bay Area, Flowers By Anne will be showcasing some samples and their portfolio at:
Sunday, October 5, 2008
San Ramon

Here's a picture from my friend's wedding. Her colors were navy, pink, and yellow. In her words, she liked Flowers By Anne because they "told me that my options are 'this,' 'this,' and 'this,' and the cheapest one is 'this.' They didn't try to rip me off like every other place did." So in regards to her flowers, she was a happy bride. We'll see if I can join her.

With 3 months left, I hope we have a winner here.

Did you end up finding any vendors for your wedding at a bridal faire?

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