Tuesday, September 30, 2008

E(ar)lopping details

Hello, hello!

It's so exciting to know that my dress is sitting in my closet (now waiting to have a few nips and tucks). Equally exciting is picking fabulous jewelry to sport with the dress!

Since my dress is simple, I thought I'd do some "crazy" earrings. But I'm keeping in mind that I'll be wearing my short-sleeved ivory colored bolero (seamless and cropped in the same material) during the ceremony, but probably back to just strapless for the reception (also during bridal party shots pre-ceremony). Due to these "dress changes" I want to make sure the earrings "work" for both looks. I've considering wearing this tiara and entering the reception with a fur shrug, but it might too "winter princess," right? So instead, I guess I'll stick to working with the ivory bolero and earrings.

I'm looking for something that:

*"fits" the style of the wedding.
*enhances the dress, not take away.
*wearable (not too heavy).
*clean lines/cuts.

Here are the earrings I'm currently looking at:

and pretty in pink.

These last ones are similar to ones that I already own, except that mine have a crystal bead separating the pearls rather than a silver rondelle and the earring is one loop, not one part hooking onto the pearled part. (Can I have something pink instead of something blue?) This would be the most cost-effective, but I'm willing to spend a little bit as long as I can wear the purchase again.

What do you think?

Oh, and here's a little treat for the geeks out there (Image source):

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