Wednesday, October 1, 2008

*Cruising* along with our wedding plans

Hi Bees!
We finally have another item checked off our list. After an almost-got-frauded, many conversations with various people, and showing the plastic, our honeymoon is now booked!

Mr. and I will be going on a cruise to Mexico Riviera via Princess Cruises! Woo-hoo! We will start off at Puerto Vallarta (the location that we said was a MUST), swing by Mazatlan, and then make our last stop at Cabo San Lucas. This destination was a simple decision for us since we enjoy the beach so much and needed something more affordable than Europe.

The bigger decision was which stateroom to book since there were pros and cons to each. My list is, by all means, not comprehensive and somewhat subjective.

Inside cabin:

PROS - Cheaper. Period.
CONS - Small. No view.


PROS - View via small round window, More space, Cheaper than Balcony, Tease of a view causing us to leave the room and get more exercise.

CONS - Seeing the view and wanting a balcony, Only a little more for a balcony, Can you see anything out that port window?


PROS: Amazing view to see dolphins and/or whales, Playing games next to the sounds of waves crashing, Reading on the lounge chair with your feet up on the table, Hang-drying clothes outside, Upper decks, Did I mention the amazing sunrise/sunset views?

CONS: More expensive.


Not going there.

In the end, we decided that this cruise would be one of few (if any more at all) for us so we were going to go "all out." Also, when we were crunching numbers in the beginning, we had decided that we were willing to spend nearly one-third of our 10k budget for the honeymoon because this would be our kickoff to a life-long journey together.

So off we shall go to the white sand beaches~ Now we're figuring out which excursions will be the most memorable and fun.

Oh, and we got our balcony room for $1750, including fees and tax. AND we just received an e-mail today with great news: we got a free upgrade to several decks higher! Mr.'s mom made a call to a travel agent she had used for a previous vacation. PM me if you'd like her info. :)

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