Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Flower power!

Hi Bees,

Ya know... I was feeling quite proud of myself for having passed Christmas and not being close to Valentine's Day, but I didn't even consider the Rose Parade. Those of you who love roses and are thinking about a January wedding, this is my heads up to y'all.

I say this because I received my free estimate from FlowersByAnne today. The numbers were certainly better than the other florist that I was talking to, but I'm not looking for a good deal. I'm looking for a knock-your-socks-off deal! And I'm beginning to think that I might have to take on another DIY project (with a few helping hands). Magazines are telling me that I need to find a florist who is willing to work with my budget. Who's more willing to stay under my budget than me?

So I googled "black magic roses" because those are my favorite flowers that I MUST incorporate in my wedding. I came upon, an online wholesale flower market, where a chat invite popped up. (I've never encountered this before...)

The chat was interesting. I think I prefer it to making a call and being put on hold to listen to 8 tracks of elevator music before talking to an actual person. She was able to answer all my questions and give me a general quote for what I wanted. And if I didn't want to begin this informative chatting session, I could have simply X'd the chat box instead of clicking on "Start Chat." If you're in the flower industry, it might be a place to consider placing orders at. Of course, you should do some extensive research to make sure that they are legit before you send in your money.

My two cents is that for flowers, and the whole wedding day for that matter, is weighing if it's worth it. If flowers are at the top of your list leaving other items trailing in the dust, then you'll have an easier time settling on someone. However, if you're more concerned about not starting off married life with only two dollars in your pocket (okay, a little bit of exaggeration), then you might be willing to cut corners and not have the most elaborate celebration.

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