Monday, October 6, 2008

"C & J request your presence..." - Part I

Bees, we did it!
We have now officially sent out our invitations via Because I'd like to spare other brides-to-be(e) with any agony that they might enter, I've decided to share my experience of using this particular wedding website opposed to any other sites or even the traditional paper invitations.

Why a website?
For us, we wanted a central location where our guests could read about our stories, meet some of our friends thru bios, view some of our favorite pictures, and have the convenience of RSVP'ing at the click of a mouse. This would also be helpful to us in saving us postage and having all the responses in one area.

Why Brides and not theKnot?
Most people use theKnot for their not-as-tech-saavy items. Since Mr. and I are trying to have a wedding that is different (not tacky, just not the same-old), I thought it'd be worth a try at Brides. Rather than reading a few reviews about it first, I just figured that since there were many people who posted on the boards that it was legit enough. Now that I've used the less popular I can share about my experience and warn you about things that worked and things that not so much...

Would you recommend it to me?
It really depends on what you're looking for. If it's just a place where you want to upload pictures and/or write a couple of shout outs, you could even branch out of the "wedding websites" and look into other places like Flicker, Blogger, or even Facebook.

*One website to give info, share pictures, welcome guest book comments, manage guests
*Fairly easy to use
*Better layout designs (subjective) with tabs
*An interactive map which can be customized

*No online RSVP option
*Unable to import own guest list into system
*Difficult to change sender's name(s)

If I could do it over again...

I would have asked a friend who is able to make a decent website. Sadly, we received an offer the day before we sent our "invites" out. :( At that point, we just wanted to get them out since we had already put in days and hours into it.

Hopefully you won't run into the same issues (I was really bummed when I realized that there was no online RSVP option), and make sure that what you're thinking is actually feasible with the prospective websites.

For those of you who made websites, what was the most difficult task?

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