Tuesday, September 23, 2008

:: Honeymooners beware ::

Bees, beware of scams! I know that we've had some Bees who had questions about scams, so I hope this post can be of some assistance to you, or at least point you in the direction toward getting answers.

When my Mr. and I were first looking at honeymoon packages, we had simply 3 criteria in mind: (1) affordable, (2) fun, and (3) a place where we wouldn't run into anyone we know.

Then, we heard about a fax that came into the school office that day. It was for a hotel in Puerto Vallarta - exactly where we wanted to go! On top of that, they were having a Buy One (vacation), Get One Free special. Like a good future husband, Mr. decided that we should give them a call and see what the catch was.

They were very good at convincing us that it was worth all our while to book the package. But we kept thinking that it just sounded too good to be true. Then we found out that a co-worker's cousin is a travel agent, so she offered to look into it for us.

It was a SCAM! She warned us, which I pass along urgently to you, that anything that sounds TOO good to be true, probably is. Never give out valuable information until you're certain that the agent is legit. Here's my list of helpful tips, none too difficult but all that may help protect you from money-hungry, deceiving theives!

Three ways to prevent could've-would've-should've disasters:

  • Use your connections!
    • Family, friends, friends' sister's nephew, etc.
      • They know more than you. Why not pick their brains?
  • Utilize search engines
    • Like Google.
      • It's amazing how far the Internet really can take you.
  • Read reviews
    • On Yelp, etc.
      • They've already done the hard work for you.

How else can we keep ourselves from getting scammed?

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