Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Firefighter, Firecracker, Fireworks, ...Firecake?

Brr... It's getting cold! But that means my wedding is soon approaching!

For my winter wedding, I started planning on doing one thing, then find something else that sparks my interest and try to weave that into my big day (I know some of y'all are guilty too). The same is true for our dessert. We want the traditional, pretty cake for pictures, but don't want to pay for a 4-layer cake and pay the equally high 4-figure amount. So I thought it'd be fun to combine the idea of having a dessert/candy bar with one of the winter favorite treats - s'mores!

But in my research, I discovered something else.

Check this out:
It's cake that bakes in an orange next to the fire! How hot is that? (Puaha, I'm so punny.) Not only that but oranges are the only fruit (that I can think of.. please correct me if I'm mistaken) that are in season during the winter months. Click on the link above to read instructions.

Summer has gone, but autumn is here, so if you need a little something extra for a celebration, are holding a campfire, or have chosen orange as one of your wedding colors, maybe you can consider this cute and creative idea. I'm sure it'll give them something to talk about.

What are your cake alternatives?

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