Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miss I'm-Getting-Married-to-Mr. Woo!

I'm Getting Married to Mr. Woo!

Like a girly-girl, I like dresses, pink, and romantic walks on the beach. I enjoy being in the kitchen, sewing and making crafts, and wish bargain-hunting was an Olympic sport. The accessory I cannot leave home without is my E-ring. I'm known to occassionally bust out a southern drawl (which I can't figure out since I've always been a Cali-girl), and I love weddings! I've been planning mine since about 8 years of age when I organized a binder full of dresses, hairstyles, and photography that I liked. Now I've finally found the most important thing I need - my Mr! Two recent CAL grads, both now teachers, on one mission: going to the chapel. Call me: Soon-to-Be(e) Mrs. Woo.

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