Friday, September 26, 2008

One of my favorite 4-letter words is... SALE! The bold, red letters jumping out from the store windows makes every bargain-hunter calculate the amount they have left in their checking account (because we don't want to be in debt, especially with the current economic situation being rough and all!). So perhaps this post is for both the ladies and their men...

I wanted to pass along the info that Victoria's Secret is having a not-so-secret sale right now on panties - 7 for $25 - for those who were bummed that they missed the semi-annual sale and were counting down the days 'til the next one in Decemeber. Lots of cute ones, not so many in size Small (at least at the location that I went to). You can check online, too! (Yes, the comforts of shopping from home.) But if you need a little excercise, drive on over to the nearest mall. You burn calories when you're speed walking trying to find the best deals and trying on so many things. Bargain-hunting reminds me of Double Jeopardy - find amazing deals AND burn calories before the wedding!

What you can shop for:
*Bridal shower coming up.
*Girls day out.

Oh, and hurry; Sale ends soon.

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