Friday, September 26, 2008

Martha for President

Hi Bees,

Is it just me or is Martha Stewart wonderful? On her website you'll find lots of great ideas as well as tutorials on how to make those cute crafts. She also has some templates if you need some inspiration or just looking for something to use. I also like that I can browse through ideas for weddings by season. Being a winter bride, I know that we have to work a little harder to find inspiration because some people think winter is too dreary of a season to get married. Growing up, I thougt I'd have a perfect spring wedding, but as I plan for my January wedding, I'm seeing more of how winter can be such a romantic season.
(Photo taken from MS)

My favorite section is Good Things. This is where I found instructions on how to make fun pom-pom decorations. For a winter wedding, can't you just imagine white pom-poms hanging from the ceiling, with natural manzanita branch centerpieces displaying strands of crystal or pearls, and a warm glow radiating from beautiful votives atop of circular mirrors...? Or for a spring wedding, having bright colors of pink, red, and orange bursting mid-air, drawing attention to the center of the room rather than the boring walls?
(Photo taken from MS)

Here's a picture of one of our friends' wedding. Her colors were pink, pink, and more pink. Our church is considered small so she spruced up the place with lots of colorful pom-poms, which required lots of helping hands from what I hear. The pictures doesn't quite give it justice because the room was "magical," as one of the guests put it.
(Photo from CS)

Along with Martha, I know that we have a lot of Rebecca fans out there, too. Who do you get your inspiration from?

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