Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kind of like Spanx... but not?

Howdy y'all~

Today, I went to the mall with Mr. and failed to find comfortable shoes on sale that made me "Ohhh~" but I did check out some shapewear at Macy's. I'm not one who is having trouble fitting into her dress nor giving up on her work out routine, but I just don't want to "suck in" my tummy on the wedding day, if you know what I mean. I get one shot to make these pictures right! (Image Source)

I was looking for the Higher Power Spanx in nude - or anything like it. Macy's didn't have Spanx, but I took some others that I found to the dressing room to experience firsthand what many reviewers mean by "I don't know how I fit into them but I managed and then had to peel them off" or even, "prepare to have your tummy feel weird after you take them off." Out of the 3, I found the waist definer to be most pleasing, rather than the higher waisted shapewear which seemed to push my fat up and create yucky rolls. But since my wedding dress is simple with no intricate beading, I think the boning of the waist cincher might show through. So I'm still going to the gym, still watching what I eat, and still looking for something to wear underneath my dress.

It's a shame that the mall didn't have a Nordstrom so I can try on some Spanx too. But at Target I discovered the Assets shapewear, another line from Sara Blakely. Perhaps I should give those a try next...

What do you gals thinks? And for those who just need to flatten the tummy or nip the waist, which shapewear do you give your loyalty oath to?

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