Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flag down them cupcakes!

Any Bees making cupcakes?

At the bridal shower that I mentioned in yesterday's post, we also catered scrumptious food. But when you have talent around you, why waste it? One of BMs volunteered to homemake the cupcakes - frosting and all. To spice it up (figuratively), we incorporated non-edible elements to each one. If you're looking for a cute way to dress them up, continue reading!

The homemade red velvet cupcakes were decorated with amazing frosting that hardens and stays in the shape that you originally set it in. To kick it up "another notch," we created little "Eat Me!" signs/flags to stick into each cupcake. To do this, you'll need: (1) Avery labels at about 1"x2" each, (2) toothpicks, (3) helping hands, number of your choice.

Step One: Print out the labels with "Eat me!" or what ever you would like to display. You can make your template by customizing the print option under Tools > Letter and Mailings > Envelopes and Labels, or make it more personal (my usual excuse for not being tech-saavy) by writing on your labels by hand. Imagine that there is an invisible line down the middle of the label and only write/print on the right side. If you want the words on both sides of your flag, make sure that you have the same words on both the left and right side of each label.

Step Two: Peel off a label. Then place the toothpick at about the halfway mark. The toothpick does not have to reach the top of the label; about halfway (from both the top and the sides) is what we did. Also, note that if your toothpicks are different sizes on each end (one might have more of a point than the other side), you'll want to place the thicker side on the label. Then fold the label in half. With the toothpick now stuck between the two folds of the label, it should be looking like a 2" flag.

Step Three: Insert toothpick inside the cupcake. In case your guests think that you cupcakes are too pretty to eat, they will know that you want them to eat it. If they already knew it, you have added a simple detail that makes your dessert really stand out. To make it extra special, use tiered dessert stands of different heights.

The final product (photo taken by TC and BP):

How else can we make our cupcakes stand out in a day when they're becoming more popular at weddings?

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