Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get out of the gym and go out into nature!

Hello Bees!

I find myself surviving my usual gym routines (cardio + abs + flexibility) with the power of music and an ipod, but I was thinking that there has to be a more rewarding way to get fit and stay healthy.

That's when I came across the Trails Challege 2008 sponsored by East Bay Regional Part District and Kaiser Permanente. Though it's too late to showcase a t-shirt and pin for my endurance, it's a great way to enjoy nature, challenge yourself and friends (and the Mr.), and add a little something extra to your workouts. For those of you outside of the East Bay, CA try Googling to find some great trails in your area, too. Though you may not know where exactly you're headed, I'm sure it's worth the energy and effort when you make it to the end, especially if there's amazing scenery. And now that summer has ended, a lot of sunscreen is on sale!

Or if you're up for it, sign up for a marathon. It'll really get you to the gym and outside. (And this is coming from a person who has hated running all her life!) This past spring, I did the See Jane Run Half Marathon and am so glad that I did. If anything, I've realized how out of shape I am and want to change that.

(Photo taken from SeeJaneRun)

What are other fun ways of keeping the weight off during stressful times?

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