Sunday, September 21, 2008

Say "(Budget-friendly) Cheeeeeese!"

Howdy busy Bees!

After a summer of researching how to incorporate my desired photo booth while staying in my tight budget (I can hear y'all saying Mee too..), I've decided that I can only get the best of both worlds if I create one myself.

So yesterday, when 8 other BMs and myself threw a shower for our friend getting married next month, I gladly helped with the photo booth setup.

Our ingredients for an affordable, yet fun, photo booth:
(1) Curtains
Found in the closet; Product from Ikea
(2) Empty space
We used the space in the hallway (between the walls) so that only two sides would have to be covered.
(3) Lamp
Good lighting makes better pictures.
(4) Self-timed camera or friend with a camera
Mac computers have a great software for this so you can see yourself on the monitor and even create cool effects; You'll need a stand for the computer too.
(5) Prop box
Go crazy and be creative!

CURTAINS UP -- We took one of the rose-colored curtains and tried to attach it to the arch above the walkway with a staple gun, but the wall didn't even acknowledge the staple's presence. After trying to convince it to do so, I resorted to using a hammer and small, thin nails (teach that wall who's boss! hehe). Then, I moved my ladder to the other side and put up the other curtain.

LAMP & iMAC ENTER -- Then we brought in the small table (about thigh level) and placed the Mac computer on it). One of the BMs was able to set up directions on the screen (like a post-it memo) and open up the program so that with a click of the mouse, the timer would set for 3 seconds. Next to the laptop, we added a lamp for better lighting.

PROPS GALORE -- We provided a trunk outside our booth with lots of items, including hats, tiaras, scarves, clothing, stuffed animals, a wig, sunglasses, and even a bike helmet. I think the more random the better, but whatever you choose the degree of spunk.


Larger areas require bigger curtains. We used a small hallway so it was easy to find a curtain size to fit (we also flipped one of them vertically because the space was not covered when used horizontally).

Also, the fan from the computer produced a lot of hot air so just be forewarned that computer + lamp + lots of energy = hot, hot, hot! But then again, we tried to cram 7 people in the tight space so maybe it was just us...

Lastly, beware of lots of fun. If you're not one to enjoy lots of laughter, silly results, and hundreds of photos, perhaps the photo booth is not for you. Otherwise, enjoy! We found that it's a good way to give guests something to do when mingling or snacking, and a wonderful gift for the bride and/or groom. Posting them up on Facebook, Flickr, or other modes of sharing photos is also a great way for the guests to reminisce. :)

Note: Sorry, I forgot to take my camera to the shower and on top of that, I was running around trying to help out before the gals arrived so I don't have any pictures to display. But I'll be sure to post step-by-step pictures of the future ones that are assembled! For now, I leave you with a few of my favorites:

For those who DIY a photo booth, what did you do differently?

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