Sunday, July 19, 2009

Down by the (e)Bay

where the watermelons grow / back to my home / I dare not go / for if I do / my mother will say... / you bought shoes again???

Okay, so that's not how the song goes, but I wanted to share with you the wonder of eBay! Most people know that it's a site to auction items off. But not everyone thinks to search here. I did some hunting for our budget wedding on eBay, but ended up not making any purchases for various reasons. You'd be surprised to find Vera Wang wedding dresses, the latest Honda Accord sedan, or even turtle poop (the thought came to my mind from Tad). Crazy, aye?

For Sara's upcoming wedding, the BMs are wearing different styles of Berry colored dresses from the Jasmine line. She's requested nude/tan colored shoes. I did get sidetracked while looking for this shade as I found myself looking at a pair of black sequined heels (should I go for it???), but had to refocus my attention.

Then I found them - a pair of satin champagne Steven heels! There were a handful of bidders before me, a few with automatic bids. I took a potty break and came back to start my mission. I like to wait until the last couple of minutes (depending on the item, view count, and number of bids) to make my pounce. I also like to throw in a couple extra bids (only up to my max amount) in case I'm outbid by another wide-eyed soul whose heart is also pounding in her ribcage. I'll also share a tip that I probably shouldn't be doing on the WWW: Instead of bidding $10.00 for something, try bidding $10.02 or something a little extra more than what can be expected from others. There. I put my CAL degree to work (American Studies: Social Psychology & Media Representation in the U.S., remember?).

Back to my shoes. So instead of working on my progress reports, I finished a quilt, updated more posts, and purchased the following shoes:
Steven, champagne, satin, peep toe, clean lines.

The best part? They only cost me $5.50 + S&H. :)


Kevin said...

oh good thinking! post your secrets in a smaller font so that search engines will have a harder time finding them! pure genius!


I'm getting married to Mr. Woo! said...

@Kevin - really?? I didn't know search engines were that smart(ly programmed)!