Saturday, July 4, 2009

Off to the Fair

The Alameda County Fair!
This post can also be titled: Why I can't lose weight...

Mr. & Mrs. Woo picked up Nolie and Kernan before heading off to Pleasonton. In the car, the guys played a little game called Chubby Bunny - with Hot Cheeto Puffs. Kernan's look of determination...

As soon as we arrived, we bought food:

The curly fries

The nachos

The community turkey leg
Yes, that is the same turkey leg...
(Does this officially initiate Kernan into the Woo clan?)

Then we met up with some other EBCBers and watched the (adorable!) Alaskan Pig Race. Strawberry let me down but Sloppy Joe made us proud! :)

After resting/digesting, we ate more food. Do not consider going to the fair if you're on a diet - unless it's an eating diet, like me.

Jumbo corn dogs

Corn on the cob
(though it's currently on sale at Lucky's, 5 for $1)

Torpedo Dog
(Potato spiraled around a hot dog)

Funnel cake

Speaking of food, Jen and Sarah bought a baby duck! It's so cute! It was only $6 but if you think about the labor and cost to feed it until it fattens up, that's quite an expensive Pekking Duck...

Or the other idea was that if you want to know how to attract a whole group of brothers around you...

(I'm kidding! ... about one of these ideas.)

Mr. Woo wasn't able to read yesterday's post, but he won me a stuffed animal! It's a lamb that he named Veal. I like it - both the soft lamb and its name. (I'm seeing a trend here... must have been the heat and all the food.)

The evening ended with some obstructed-view (why were they all standing when all of us started off sitting down?), haywire fireworks (think: Let's get rid of everything we have! It doesn't matter where it's aimed!).

The only aww-I-wish-I-did-that regret(?) was not being able to go on the rides. Whether we're poor teachers or not, paying $10 (5 tickets per person, $1 per ticket) to go on the ferris wheel was not worth it. (I can buy a roll at Sushi House or order a book on Amazon with that!) A picture in front of it will have to suffice. But it does give us something to look forward to next year. Perhaps we'll save money on food and use it for rides... or we'll just buy a lot of food again.


Virginia said...

a baby lamb named after calf meat....this post really is about food-in all forms. :)

dan tsai said...

wow i am seriously coveting those curly fries right now.

I'm getting married to Mr. Woo! said...

@Virginia - You know us and food. hehe
@Dan - I'm sad that you ate the wrong ones... Next year!

Jen said...

duckie is not food!

Kevin said...

the ferris wheel was really fast -- you didn't miss anything.

Christine said...

keep posting. i eat it for breakfast. why? whatever i can see, i can eat. :P

I'm getting married to Mr. Woo! said...

@Jen - yet.
@Kevin - bummer, but the pretty lights!
@Christine - y'all should go to a B&B for a mini-break