Monday, July 13, 2009

At the Summer Picnic ... Oh baby/ies!

It was a beautiful day for a picnic,

and from the picnic I remember 5 things distinctly...

Food - Yum. Enough said.

Fun - Sports, flying balloons, etc.

Fellowship - Catching up with brothers and sisters.

Kimlang + water - Too much of this:

Not enough of this:


(5) Babies galore!

They're growing up so fast:

And sideways too:

Discovering lots of emotions:

Pretty woman~ walking down the street~
(or just sitting under a tree):

Not going to be a vegetarian:

Taking advantage or Having fun?
You decide:

Speaking of babies, my mom seems to have a few words about them...

Mrs. Mom: I had a dream the other night ... and I picked up diamond earrings! Do you still have your period...?
Mrs. Woo: Yes, Ma. I'm not pregnant.
Mrs. Mom: Oh... Maybe it's [a relative] in Korea...
Mrs. Woo: Maybe.

A few weeks later...

Mrs. Woo: Hi, Ma. You called?
Mrs. Mom: Oh yeah. I had a dream, and this time I was picking fruit! Are you pregnant?
Mrs. Woo: No, I'm not. These are just dreams. They don't mean anything.
Mrs. Mom: No, but I was picking fruit!

And of course that means that I'm the one who's pregnant even though my menstrual cycle begs to differ. Korean mommas are so funny with their superstitious dreams.

Baby + fruit


dan tsai said...

MICAH! I LOVE YOU! Who else would applaud himself after throwing the ball onto the ground? You are too cute.

and start the woo clan already, jane. gotta get started on that soccer team early...

I'm getting married to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - yeah, I'm looking forward to buying those jerseys. :P But until we have enough "man power," Woo Two performances will have to suffice for the tournaments. haha

mchu said... the stories. You and Cyrus make me want to get married...haha.

I'm getting married to Mr. Woo! said...

@Mike - I hear there's LOTS of fish in SoCal... ;)