Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flower power ... low.

This week is the last week of summer school. Mr. Woo knew that it had been a difficult bunch of little sinners that I was teaching/correcting/disciplining/etc., so he came up with a brilliant idea - send Mrs. Woo flowers to school!

So he did. And kept it a (not-that-good) secret (he always tells me things before it happens, but not in detail so that I'll forget about it).

And they arrived at school today, the day before the last (in case they messed up and didn't deliver it on time for the last day). I was sent to the office by our librarian, who said I needed to go talk to them about something I didn't complete last year. And upon my arrival was the long black box with MY NAME on it. *squeal*

I ran into Mr. Woo in the hallway and showed him my prize that I had yet to open. He said he was going to go out with the kids and let me read the card inside that he had spent a lot of time on. So I rushed into my classroom, grabbed a pair of scissors, and decided to play a game: open the box quickly but carefully.

Mission completed. I tore open the plastic and found no card. My heart sank. But I took a look at the roses and was uplifted again:

Then I was leaping when I found the "A message just for you" envelope tucked underneath. I snatched it out of its shelter and read the endearing message that Mr. Woo had written. What could he have written that took so much thought? (Click on the image to enlarge)

Confusion. Why is he calling me "Mom," and who is this illegitimate child "Roxanne" that I don't know about???

Then I realized that it was mix-up by the company and now poor Mrs. Roxanne's Mom was sitting at home with my bouquet and a card written by my husband! Needless to say, I immediately informed Mr. Woo (after having a good laugh in my empty classroom) and had him call the company to see what could be done about this mistake. Though the element of surprise is now lost, my actual package will be arriving next week.


Kevin said...

niiiiice! these stories are better than success stories anyway!

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