Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Picture this

Our photographer from Yong Studio has been so wonderful to work with!

First of all, he's very down to earth while being kind and professional (triple-threat, huh?)

Secondly, he and his wife put together a slideshow for us as a gift. (It was beautiful.)

Also, whenever we have any questions or concerns, they respond quickly with answers and/or resolutions. (Hard to find that from many professions.)

And most importantly, we like his work. :)

Mr. Yong, as I like to call him without him knowing, also blogged about his impression of EBCB. Check it out here.

My tips for choosing a photographer:

Choose a photographer...

+ who is professional (note that this is an adjective and not a noun).

+ whose contract is clearly written and can answer all your questions.

+ whom you get along with.

+ whose work that YOU like - not others!

While on the topic of vendors, compare apples to apples.

If you're comparing a package that includes 6 hours coverage / all the pictures on a DVD / and no assistant, verses another package that gives you 8 hours of coverage / 100 prints / and a second photographer, you've got an apple and an orange.

Some photogs use better flush mount albums. Others throw in an assistant at no charge. The best things you can do for yourself is to do your research and ask questions (remind you of school?). Check out Yelp, Project Wedding, other sites that share reviews, and any personal references you might have. They have one shot to catch the Kodak moment, and you have one shot to choose the one to do it. Go get 'em!

***Edit: The grammatical error has been corrected. I was in a rush to get home and feed my hubby and then make it to WEW. :P

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dan tsai said...

actually jane, professional is an adjective in that sentence, not a verb (or a noun). and you call yourself a teacher!