Friday, February 6, 2009

Kitchen-where in your wedding?

While at work, my hubby sent me a link asking me if I wanted any of these table runners from Chefs that were on sale. I'd never heard of Chefs before, so I decided to see what else their Sale section had to offer.

That's when I saw it - the first item on the page...

Would this not be very functional for the popular-right-now dessert bar at your wedding? I like that the various heights allow for better creativity, rather than displaying something that you would see at your local Sweet Factory. The clear jars let you choose any color in the rainbow to fill it with, as well as allowing for ribbons, monograms, and the whole shebang.

So I continued my browse through the pages, and found many other items that I would like to see used for wedding-related purposes. Case in point:When I saw this, I saw it as a set of unique flower vases for centerpieces. Then I clicked on the image and found out that it's supposed to be used for butter. o_O I'll stick to putting a cute-sized flower arrangement in it, thank you very much.

Now before you start thinking that I use twigs for chopsticks, a fork for my brush, and a mixing bowl as a rice bowl, I should tell you that I did find other kitchenware for a new (or familiar) kitchen. I particularly like the vintage ice cream bowl set and handblown insulated latte cups.

But back to the inspiration I've found... If I were planning the 397,203,028,947,128,099,738,284,295,443,280,195th wedding in this country, I wouldn't want mine to be the same as anyone else's. I'd look for ways to keep lines clean, colors coordinated, and a less-is-more punch with the details. That's just me. :)

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