Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Bug's Life leads to cows' stomachs

The Afterschool Program uses my classroom, and I come across many days that are loud. But some days, I find their conversations and comments to be quite entertaining. Here's a snippet...

Mr. H picks up Lucky, our class beetle's container and keeps turning it on its side.

Student #1: Heeey, don't do thaaaat. How would you like it if God's shook the earth?

Mr. H: He does; it's called earthquakes.

Student #1: But stiiiiill.

Mr. H: It's okay. 'Good thing it's an animal.

Student #2: Don't we eat animals?

Mr. H: Yes, they're called cows.

Student #3: What?

Mr. H: Did you know cows have 5 stomachs? That's how God made them.

Student #3: Yeah.

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