Saturday, May 15, 2010

30-Day Challenge: Part IV

From what I hear there's some fierce (but friendly) competition going on. I can't wait to post our two winners - one for the first to do any 5, and another for sending in the most pictures! (See Part I, Part II, and Part III.) Time's a-ticking so I'm posting 10 today rather than 5. Ready... set... GO! 

Day #16 - Run for at least 16 minutes
Our 15th month of marriage has come and gone; we are now in our 16th month! Time sure flies, doesn't it? Just over a year ago, we had these table numbers (I'll show you 15 and 16 since we're commemorating) sitting atop our reception tables in the Fellowship Hall at church:

Day #17 - Hug a '10 brother (for the guys) or sister (for the gals)
This year's Senior Banquet was one of my favorites. Not only is this class very special to me, but the presentations were wonderful (I knew we'd eventually have a Wicked re-make!) and the Junior class did a great job coordinating the event. I can't believe c/o 2010 are done with college! It was just yesterday that I served this class their freshman and sophomore years!!!

Day #18 - Put a ring on it
Lots of weddings coming up this summer and I'm anticipating lots of engagements too. Though we're all to be content and happy with our bling, some of us need an upgrade (yes, that would be the balloon string wrapped around Hannah's finger):

Day #19 - Pray for engaged couples / married couples / families
She's one of my nearest and dearest, and I'm super excited about her wedding. Duum, duum, da, duuum... God's design for marriage and families is a beautiful one, but if we try to do it on our own we're going to fail miserably. Charles Spurgeon said, "No man can do a truer kindness in this world but to pray for me."

Day #20 - Google Video Chat with someone
Mr. Woo and I didn't really know how closer Kerns was to Nolie - until we went to the county fair together. Then we saw more of with some Google video chatting. Since then, Kernan has been a welcomed addition to our family.

Day #21 - Take a picture with someone you adore
It was only right that we take a "family picture" together. We've long adopted Kernan:
But, wait, is that 5 heads that I count? Oh yes, in the back. How could we leave out the loyal family puppy, Edward? He happily greets us whenever we see him and is always bounding with energy. (He also brings out the "crazy" in me - I think it's the energy.)

Day #22 - Tell someone you love them
I love these guys:

Day #23 - Practically serve someone in a manner that makes them feel loved
It's easy for us to show love in ways that we feel loved. For example, one may like to use words to write encouraging notes to others. While that is kind and loving, the recipient may be more uplifted with a batch of their favorite cookies that you made note of and later baked for them.
(I've seen Mr. Woo make lots of faces but never the one on the left!) Y'all know we do like Hedder...

Day #24 - Go to a street/county/quilting/etc. fair
We were excited to see the roads blocked off  (for yummy food, oh yes) and made a detour to find parking. Strolling up the street we were lured with the smell of otherwise unwelcome pungent deep fried oil. It was an easy and quick decision to munch on the crab garlic fries (I know!) and lime calamari, both of which we highly recommend. We declined the buttered yellow corn on the cob, husk and all, because it's hard to justify paying $5 for it when you can get 5 for $5 on sale or 10 for $5 on a great sale. The live band played some popular Tina Turner and more flashbacks to rally a lively crowd. There Mr. Woo spotted someone eating a plate of Chinese food and was inspired. Round 2: Chinese for him, Greek gyro for me. Personally, I couldn't down the pork but the egg roll, fried rice, and chow mein was good. The chicken gyro was ginormous and had too much meat, if there is such a thing. I wanted the super-sized bag of kettle corn, but Mr. Woo wisely refused.

Day #25 - Give a child a hug
At the fair, we ran into one of my current students (eating the $5 corn on the cob) and a former summer school student. We actually see quite a few of our students as we run errands. The first time it happened, Mr. Woo let go of my hand. :(  But I love the students. (And he'll hold my hand again once they're out of sight.)

Just one more installment left in our 30-day challenge. Keep watch! :)


dan tsai said...

I just did a video chat with Nate and Andrew!! :)

the shopping cart photos in #16 are my favorite ones :) those turned out well

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - Nice! And yes, the shopping cart ones were seriously fun to shoot. We should do that again for our next anniversary!!! :)

Hannah said...

On Tuesday, 5/11 - I hugged Corrie Park at Study Hall.
On Wednesday, 5/12 - I took pictures with brothers and sisters I adore at the Campanile.
On Friday, 5/14 - I told you and my class sisters that I love you guys!
On Saturday, 5/15 - David and I went on a special date to SF for our 2 years' anniversary.
On Sunday, 5/16 - I called my mommy.

Andd I've been praying for Kathy getting married and you and your Mister in some of my prayers in the last week. DOES THIS MEAN I WIN???????

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Hannah - Wooooweeeee! :)