Monday, May 10, 2010

30-Day Challenge: Part I

It's been a time of hibernation in my cave as we teachers are now in the final stretch of this school year (eek!). To make up for lost time, allow me to bring you a glimpse of what I've been up to. To make it more interesting, let's make this a CONTEST!

Out of the 30 items I post, the first person to complete 5 of them will get a prize!

I'm giving out more prizes at school so why not here? Feel free to e-mail pictures of yourself in action with each task. The participant with the highest number of pictures submitted will also get a prize.

That's TWO chances to win!

The fine print - Upon completion, you must comment below indicating your triumph. (1) You must complete 5 of the challenges, in any order, honesty policy. Challenges done on or after today's date will be validated, no prior dates. Limit 1 activity per any given day. For those working in teams, one person may not do all the work. OR (2) No more than two pictures may be submitted per activity. Along with the pictures, please indicate if you would not like your images published on the blog. There will be no transferring of "points" or cheating. Failure to comply will disqualify such participants.

Day #1 - Complete a jigsaw puzzle
Mr. Woo and I finally finished our penguin family puzzle! Of course, the 1000-piece artwork would not be in the condition that it is today without the help of our dear friends. You see, we don't have many magazines for people to read while they wait (for whatever reason) at our home. Instead, we've had a puzzle on top of our coffee table for guests to contribute to. What started as a rainy day activity became a collaboration between family/friends. Thank you to all those who left a piece of their visit! :)

Day #2 - Call/visit your parents
My parents came up for a brief visit to drop off a few things. It's funny how my mom is gradually making more and more food for us. When I first started college she didn't much of, "what should I make you the next time you come home?" but now she asks frequently. It's a strange feeling when I try to put myself in their shoes and attempt to think the way they do about my being out of college, living out of their house, being married. But I do actually get "homesick" at times and have the urge to go and lie on their couch, taking in the quiet sounds. We try to talk at least once a week, but there's nothing like just being in the presence of loved ones (as is the same with our heavenly Father).

Day #3 - Go eat at Sushi House
As a pre-birthday celebration, Mr. Woo and I went to eat at Sushi House. We ordered the A's Roll, Island Roll, and Hwae Dup Bap (and out came miso soup and salad before it). That combo was slightly different from our usual trio but nevertheless delicious. The best part of the meal? When we asked for the check, we were told that it was already taken care of. Happy birthday to us.

Day #4 - Make someone laugh (I understand that humor is subjective, but just try.)
While we were eating our sushi dinner (see Day #2), our dear friend Mr. H texted us to let us know that he would not be able to join us. These were his exact words:
I doubt he did it intentionally, but if laughter is the best medicine we need more Hs around.

Day #5 - Wake up an hour earlier to do something productive
Mr. Woo totally surprised me with an early morning birthday breakfast with co-workers this year saying, "It's the only way I could surprise you." (True. Last year's "surprise" was well-planned but poorly executed.) Unless I'm going on a trip somewhere, I'm usually not up at 6 A.M. but Mr. Woo insisted that we go on an extra date. Seeing that our Date Nights have been sporadic, I rolled out of bed to happily, but sleepily, oblige. I didn't suspect a thing until I saw a co-worker come out of his car in the parking lot. "Hey, look! It's (name). What's he.... ohhhhhhhhh" (wide awake by this point). Thank you to everybody who made the morning extra special! (If he missed you on the invite list, please don't be offended! I do most of the administrative work in our household, so he was reaching out of his comfort zone.)

Check back again for the second segment of the Challenge/contest! :)


dan tsai said...

:( I went to sushi house last week with my parents. that's 2 of the 5... except last week!

nar said...

I think we did it! =) sending you pictures now.

Kevin said...

argh I need to read you more frequently. just seeing this today.

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - haha
@Nar - Woohoo!
@Kevin - Yes, you do. :P