Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to Spring Break

We're in the last quarter of this year and it's busy as ever. As much as I'm enjoying this final stretch, I'm pooped and am looking forward to our next break. Spring break gave me a couple more ideas to add to my How-I-Will-Relax-And-Enjoy-This-Summer list (my first summer off, as a student and/or teacher, since 2005ish).

I like going to the City, aka 'Frisco. But it just wouldn't be the same without Pooki. He's great company and thoroughly enjoys being my Eating Buddy. When we want some yummy seafood and fresh (eclectic) air, we head out to Pier 41.

Shrimp, calamari, fish and chips are a must. We went a little happy and got (more) chips and clam:

The moment that sold one onlooking woman (She said to her co-eater, "Oh, those look good. Let's get one of those."):

Afterward, Mr. Woo took me to a garden.
Mrs. Woo: Oh, flowers! :)
Mr. Woo: They'll always be there for you. heh heh
Mrs. Woo: I can't take them home...

On another day the high wind speeds prevented us from picnic-ing outside, but this was spring break and I was determined to have my spring picnic. So I brought the outdoors to our living room:

We spread out the blanket on the carpet, and I laid out the plates and tupperware with carefully assembled yummies: bread, sandwich meat/hummus, spinach, tomatoes, avocado, chips, red pear, orange, celery, and carbonated water. There wasn't many butterflies and ladybugs in sight, but the daffodils were beautiful. The walk to the "car" to grab extra sandwiches from the "trunk" (read: kitchen) was a breeze. And it's always nice to be sheltered from watery eyes, sneezing, and other allergy attack symptoms.

Me and my Honey making it work, just like our marriage (with the Lord's help of course):

Looking forward to summer vacation!


dan tsai said...

love the picnic. hahah

Hannah said...

cuteee i like the indoor picnic also! the flowers are a crucial detail. :) I should do that sometime... allergies are sooo killer right now.

and where's that email about the sleepover???

lena said...

jane, you guys are so cute =)