Sunday, May 23, 2010

2010 Girls' Night In

After a full week of being accompanied by my third graders, I was able to spend a recent Friday evening with some of the lovely 2010 ladies to catch up, celebrate the end of finals, and rejoice in the Lord's faithful after the end of one season in life. What I learned: I'm getting old!

We ate some snacks, brought out the nail polish, and delighted in conversations while waiting for the last batch to finish with finals and other errands. Later, we popped in and projected a DVD (I knew our white walls would come in handy some day!) and half-way was about when my brain started shutting down. I wanted to stay awake be alertly join the girl talk, but the end of the week is not the time when my brain is on full-functioning mode.

Nevertheless, it was a pleasure having them over for a "Girls' Night In." (No worries, Mr. Woo jammed with a couple of brothers at church and slept at Nolie's place.) I chose navy, for the night time, and pink, for girlishness. The tablescape started with a baby blue soft blanket and brown/blue-striped pillow. Each place setting had a navy blue square plate. On top was a blue pillow "party favor" containing a nail polish and mint teabags - pillow mints(!), get it? :D

Covering the dessert plates and part of the pillows were white napkins with pink florals - a bed set on top of a bed tablescape (I was really liking this plan).

The goodies in the center included: pink rose-shaped cupcakes, strawberry wafers, pink lemonade, and pink teddy bear lollipops.

And keeping us company in the living room was a bunch of pink carnations in a mason jar, finished with a satin pink ribbon tied to the mouth of the jar.

I wanted more navy and less of a pink-overload, so I added a banner on the wall above the table. Each letter hung from a yellow star.

The next morning, I sent each girl off with her own goody bag. The blue pillows, a pink bear lollipop (both mentioned above), an unpopped bag of kettle corn, and a bag of Oatmeal Squares cereal with a card I made went inside.

Some time later, I found my signage was giving new meaning (source to be kept anonymous):
 2010  IS  IGHT   (hahahaha)


Hannah said...

HAHAHAHA did somebody really leave the letters like that on purpose?? clever~

nar said...

ahaha.. i have one guess. =D

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Hannah - I thought it was clever too. :P
@Nar - hehe Wasn't me~

dan tsai said...

just saw this post..
love the modified banner.
looks like a sweet night! we had fun jamming at church, too... :)

Kevin said...

when i saw the paper bag photo, I thought it was a tent you slept in.

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - Win-win situation!
@Kevin - Great idea! Next time we can see who can build the most effective paper bag tent in the living room!