Monday, May 24, 2010

Back at CAL's Greek Theatre

Mr. Woo and I were back at the Greek Theatre, a second time since graduating (we also saw Jason Mraz there and it was awesome!). This time around it was for our dear brother Nolie's graduation.

My number one goal was to use the loudest pots and pans that I own. After failing my number one goal, my new number one goal was to make sure Brother looked the part by getting him a/n (overpriced-but-what-can-you-do-since-you-don't-have-the-time-nor-resources-to-make-it-yourself) lei. Mission accomplished.

He had a great support team: 

I was more excited than he (must have been those finals he was still studying for):

Mr. Woo and I hooted and hollered for our dear c/o 2010 MCB grads, fully aware that we had to teach again the next day, but this day doesn't come around too many days. I made sure everyone around me knew that I was a proud sister. :)

We took pictures:

We were in pictures:

By the way, we did follow the blue hats to find everyone:

And there were more pictures:

They're serious, people (cf. Senior Banquet):

Of course, the goofballs couldn't resist:

Kernan sought out a another graduate whose facial features resembled Nolan's. Personally, I think the resemblance was uncanny when the dude had his sunglasses on, but not so much once he took them off:

Whew! What a day. To top it off we took the parents to Sushi House after we dropped off a burger to Nolan who was studying for his next final in a couple of hours (I know, how brutal is that? Everyone else is done and playing!). Next time, Brother!

Congrats, Nolan! We're so proud of you! :) :)

(Obligatory Family Picture: )


NoLie said...

I never saw this post until now! I guess I haven't been to your blog in a while.. haha thanks taking the time to put it all up and for being there to support me! :D :D Super much appreciated!!

Edward Kao said...

whoa! i just saw this now too! HI NOLAN! hahaha