Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30-Day Challenge: Part V

We're at the last leg of the challenge! It's been fun hearing about some of your excitement in wanting to take all in both categories. We'll definitely need to do this again in the future - preferably not around finals time, I hear ya. In case you're just joining us: Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV.

Note: Deadline for picture upload/submission is 5 DAYS from today on 5/23. Winners will be posted soon after!

Day #26 - Go fellowship with your Homegroup
I love our Homegroup. I also thoroughly enjoy our lively discussions about various topics and leave encouraged by the brethren. If you're not part of one, you're missing out. If you're looking for one, come check out ours!

Day #27 - Have someone tie your shoelaces for you
Some of my Homegroup-ers were at Trader Joe's when I bumped into another student of mine (they're every where! cf. Day #25) and his mom. After he told me everything he did for his mom for Mother's Day, he had to retie his spankin-white, new shoelaces. He was so cute in announcing, er... showing me his new shoes.

Day #28 - Study at Borders
You'll find many of us lounging/reading/studying/disrupting/chilling at Borders. Due to incidents like Day #27, Mr. Woo will no longer be found wearing his PJs outside of the home. He once saw a student there and had to avoid contact at all costs. And if you know how much he loves our students, you know how big that is for him.

Day #29 - Finish reading a book from your bookshelf
Sometimes I feel like a "tree hog" but the teacher in me really likes collecting books. But I have to be the first to admit that I've only read about half of them. They've become reference books on the shelf. In college I would always have a book in my bag to read while waiting for class to start (Band/guard geeks know that "To be early is to be on time is to be late is to be dead!") Since then, I've either got papers and red pen in hand while I wait, or I'm living out the "teacher blessing/curse" of constantly thinking, 'How can I use [whatever I see/hear/think] into my lesson plan...' I can't wait until summer vacation to take them off the shelf and tackle them one by one!

Day #30 - You decide on this one...
It's been busy, and I'm told that life only gets busier. But in the midst of school, work, family, etc. a question I'd like to pose is: How are you serving and/or carrying out your commitment you made to your church family? As members you and I both made a commitment to the church body (and to God) that we would love with Christ-like love, that we want to spur one another on toward love and good deeds. It doesn't have to be an "official committee under the leadership of so-and-so and headship of Pastor John". But I do wonder if everyone stepped up to their familial responsibilities, out of love and not mere obligation, would we have so many brothers with a lot on their plate? More than that, I desire for us to not waste our time on earth but to labor in love and expend ourselves to high callings - for the Lord's glory, not our own. So I ask again - How are you loving God's people today?


Kevin said...

I will try do all 30, with pix. but in the meantime, I have done, picture-less, since May 10 (late, I know):

Day #2 - Call/visit my parents (see them all the time)
Day #4 - Make someone laugh (actually I can't
Day #6 - Drop your business card in a raffle drawing (African American Chamber of Commerce
Day #10 - Eat a salad (my mom makes me one every week)
Day #12 - Learn something new (learned all about hyperthyroidism)
Day #19 - Pray for engaged couples / married couples / families (Eddy and Deborah)
Day #20 - Google Video Chat with someone (Cassandra and Zinnia)
Day #26 - Go fellowship with your Homegroup (care package shopping)

Just letting you know I read. will send you more pix as I do them!

waka said...

i never comment on these things, but i just had to say. aaaaamen to #30!!!!! encouraged :)

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Kevin - I'm impressed by your ambition! Looking forward to the pictures (but you really need to get them in soon)!
@Waka - :)