Friday, May 14, 2010

30-Day Challenge: Part III

It's the third segment of our contest to give out prizes! (Here's Part I and Part II.) We're just about half-way in our posts of challenges. Here are some more!

Day #11 - Make a "hot foods" breakfast (none of that sugar-high cereal stuff)
On check-out morning, we made our way to the cafe for a fantastic continental breakfast. I always thought that term was code for "buffet," but Mr. Woo kindly informed me that it was usually meant as a pasty-filled meal, not so much the hot food items we were greeted with. By the time we were finished, it looked like three people had eaten at our table, which I felt a little self-conscious about seeing that most of the people there were wearing gym/workout clothes. :(

Day #12 - Learn something new
Never did I once think that by being a teacher I would have to learn how to riverdance. For International Day the third grade classes were assigned the country of Ireland. They were to open the morning's line up of presentations, so we had them dance on in from the back. It was cute seeing them hopping to and fro. Being nominated to teach them how to riverdance in a couple weeks was a daunting task (we're not talking ballet nor jazz), but the Lord was gracious and I danced and taught. Who says YouTube can't be educational?

Day #13 - Pay half-price for an appetizer (because full-price is over-priced)
I feel like I had a week-long banquet for my birthday this year (cf. Days #3, 5, 7, 8), but to add a cherry on top, dear Nolie wanted to take us out to eat. Who are we to refuse? We decide on Skates on the Bay as none of us had dined on the waterfront before. The Happy Hour slashes appetizer prices in half (if you sit on the side near the bar), so we feasted on many of them. Thanks, Brother!

Day #14 - Do a Woo-Two(TM)
The Woo family enjoys eating. That' why we have our Woo-Twos(TM). A Woo-Two(TM) may be Panda Express + In-n-Out. It might also be Sushi House + McDonalds, as the we did with Nolie previously. It helps when the restaurants are close in proximately (read: walking distance). The venture with Nolie was not pre-planned, however. We were just eager to eat and impatient in waiting for our to-go order (must have been the Lion King Roll holding it up).

Day #15 - Go to a concert
With my third graders and Mr. Woo's middle schoolers, we're often invited to many extracurricular games, concerts and/or shows. It's fun to see them out of uniform and applying aspects of what we teach them in their "real world" lives (fruit of our labor).

We're off for now, but we'll be back with more of the challenge and what we've been up to! How are we doing on the 5 tasks? :)

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