Monday, May 31, 2010

Still running strong?

Nope, not I. Today marks the 2-year anniversary since my first (and only thus far) marathon. I participated in the See Jane Run half-marathon (a whopping 13.1 miles!) the month I graduated from college as one of those I-should-try-everything-once things. In all honesty, the name lured me in. And the timing was wonderful as I had just moved to the area and was able to get a tour of the town while getting some serious exercise. Though I had much difficulty sitting and getting up for the following two weeks, it's one of the greatest feats I've accomplished.

The one I'd like to tackle next: Nike Women's Half/Full Marathon.
  • Hurdle: 13.1 / 26.2 miles
  • Temptation: Forget the firemen dressed in suits, I want the Tiffany's necklace!
  • Fear: The city hills

It's too late for 2010, but perhaps after having a baby as a good motivation to lose the baby weight? And next time, I'll remind Mr. Woo that driving next to me when I have 2 grueling miles left is probably going to make me want to cry. An obnoxiously loud cheerleading squad with florescent posters will suffice. ;)

What's your next big feat?


dan tsai said...

triathlon on july 17 for me.

i dont think i'll have the energy to smile like you are...

Kevin said...

lol for a few seconds I thought it was your own personal half-marathon.

my next feat is facing a 75mph fastball at 45ft. June 19. hopefully close to full strength by then.

Bethany said...

jane... are you mentioning baby weight hypothetically?!

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - I had to think my pain was temporary, but the picture would last much longer. Perhaps a girl thing?
@Kevin - Whoa! Let us know when you get there. :)
@Beth - Don't worry, the world will know when the time is here. hehe