Thursday, March 4, 2010

Since you've been gone

My previous post mentioned why I've been having cold (but not sleepless - too tired for that) nights. Though my personal 5'10" portable furnace has been gone, I'm keeping busy with work, music, and catching up on the Olympics. I also have a Poker Night #6 update for you coming up.

Meanwhile, I was surprised today to have a pod of middle schoolers (MS) enter my classroom during lunch.

My face:  o_O  (They never come into my room unless they're in the Afterschool Program, which uses my classroom.)

One of the students (the sister of one of my own) says, "Hi Mrs. Woo. How are you doing without your husband? Mr. Woo asked us to keep you company while he was gone..."

How cute - on both parties (though I don't think she was supposed to tell me that)! I'm so touched at my husband's thoughtfulness as well as these students' kindness. :) I love working with kids! And I love my Pooki even more!!! (heart)

By the way, Husband, the school put a package for you in my box, and I opened it out of curiosity. I don't think I was supposed to though... ;) But in my defense, I saw the back of the item and then quickly closed the envelope so I don't know what the front looks like!

The shirt reads: I heart MY HUSBAND. It was my wedding gift to Pooki. His reads: I heart MY WIFE.

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dan tsai said...

I love that hat -- it's very dr. seuss :)