Friday, March 26, 2010

"Don't let Mrs. Woo see!"

This year, I've been stressing to my students the importance of thankfulness and why we are to help/encourage/love others. These are two areas that I am reminding myself as I teach them so it's an area I weave into any lesson I can. (Sidenote: It bothers me so when teachers give laundry lists and never explain the reason behind all our thoughts/speech/actions.)

Recently, I caught a flu bug (I know, only a week after I had the cold!) and had to stay home with my fever and jugs of water. Once my fever went down, I was back in school - we can't have people thinking I was taking an early Spring Break now could we. But it was a challenge as I couldn't use my louder "teacher voice," so everything I said was pretty much whispered. I actually do this sometimes to grab their attention. They know that if they miss what I say, that I'm not going to repeat it (if they were not paying attention), so it works wonders. 

And on Friday, I had an interesting day-long weaving of a conversation with two of my girls...

Student #1: Mrs. Woo, what's your favorite color?
Mrs. Woo: It depends. Why?
Student #1: Uh, because we're making you something...?
Mrs. Woo: It depends.

[3 hours later]

Student #2: Mrs. Woo, which sticker do you like the best? (hands me a book of stickers)
Mrs. Woo: Oh wow! ... I like this red heart and this purple heart.

[3 minutes later]

Student #1: Mrs. Woo, which color do you like the best? (hands me a pack of markers)
Mrs. Woo: Well, it depends. If it's a flower I like this color...
Student #1: It's not a flower...
Mrs. Woo: If it's a heart I like this color...
Student #1: It's not a heart...
Mrs. Woo: If it's a bunny rabbit I like this color...
Student #1: It's not a bunny rabbit...
Mrs. Woo: If it's a ...
Students #1: That's too many!
Mrs. Woo: Oh, hmm, but I like all of them!

[1 minute later]

Student #1: (Giving me all the markers that I chose earlier) Mrs. Woo, which color do you like best out of these - only one or two or three colors.
Mrs. Woo: Alright, alright...

[2 hours later]

Student #1: Are you giving it to Mrs. Woo, yet?
Student #2: No, not yet. Don't let Mrs. Woo see!
Student #1: Uh, Mrs. Woo, what did you see?
Mrs. Woo: I saw paper.
Student #1: But you don't know what's on the paper.
Mrs. Woo: No, I don't. (waiting patiently... and eagerly)

[1 hour later]

Student #2: Mrs. Woo, this is for you.
Mrs. Woo: Awww! It's beaUtiful!
Student #1: Open it now!
Mrs. Woo: I should open it now?
Students #1 and #2: Yeah!!!
Mrs. Woo: Okay!

Here it is, in it's handmade 3rd grade glory...

Envelope front:

Envelope back:

Card front:

Card inside:

How cute is that! :D Nothing makes me happier teacher than when I see my students practicing, on their own initiative, what they've been taught! Eeeee, so exciting! 

They even cut out the heart (probably because every time they ask me if they can use markers I tell them to make sure it doesn't bleed through), and were meticulous in making sure all the lines matched up to the sheet they glued it onto. 

A for details, A- for conventions, A+ for love and care. :)


dan tsai said...

Student #1: It's not a heart...

you should rebuke her for lying.

F for Fibbing.
but yes, very neat gesture from your kids!

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

*gasp* You're right! I was so caught up in the cuteness that I didn't catch that. Hawk eyes now... :P