Friday, March 19, 2010

Dinner is served

Once upon a time, Mrs. Woo had a long meeting on a Friday afterschool. It put her in the dumps a bit, but have no fear - food was near!


Woo style:

And she ate happily ever after. The end.

Oh, wait - Prince Charming:

The (real) end:



Hannah said...

hahaha... i feel like whenever you post pictures of Cyrus at home he's always in his wifebeater. it's a bit unnerving, because when I usually see him in person he's all dressed up for church or post-work.

dan tsai said...

hahaha wifebeater. hilario.

junia said...

yeah well all i see is Cyrus in his grungewear.... seriously, when I come back, i'm just going to consider him like.. an uncle.. or an old grandpa.

WHOA word verification: faculvi
sounds like faculty!
you guys are tEACHERS

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Hannah, Dan - I show it like it is. We keep it real, and he really walks around in his 'beater when we're at home. :P
@Junia - The kids at school think the guys are in their 30's, except for J. Hong. They put him in a separate age group.

frdyfsh said...

Where's the Chipotle ...