Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are YOU the next Poker Champ?

The night that Jonny has been waiting for...

he will have to still wait for as the Woos have been quite the busy bees around here. But it's about time for a break, isn't it? Pooki deserves it after what the TPAs are putting him through.

In good timing, Mr. Woo will be gone to Shepherds Conference later this week (he's super excited about it, having asked admin for these days off - back in October), which means - paarTAAAY! (teenage flashback, anyone?) Just kidding, kind of... As I will be very lonely, Mr. Woo has consented to letting me host our final Poker Night all by my lonesome before our Championship game!

Here we go:

You're invited!

Who: The first 5 people to sign up!
What: To our (somewhat) monthly PN
When: Wednesday, March 2 @ 7pm
Where: The Woo Residence
Why: For some "all in" action

Entrance Fee: Free*
Rides: Not provided

*Sorry, dinner not provided this time around. Our fridge is going hungry since half of the family will be gone for 4 nights. I'll make it up to you at Championship.

The Woo Society's Hall of Fame:

1. Mrs. Woo
2. (J)onny/Mrs. Woo
3. Freddy
4. Mr. Woo
5. Tadamus
6. ???

Champion: ???



UPDATE: Poker Night #6 will be held off-site so that Mrs. Woo doesn't have to eat by herself. :) Thanks, Fred + gang!


Bernard said...

eh, this ad is kind of late. i'll come, but hopefully it won't just be me...

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Bernard - "If you build [er, bring out the chips]... he/they will come."

NoLie said...

I really want to come, but I got work.. -_- Looks like I won't get a crack at this championship game.

Jen said...

so who won?