Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness

March Madness has begun and while that to me means grades are due soon, allergies galore from all the dust, mud from the rain showers, it seems to mean a whole other thing for sports fans.

Mr. Woo and I were sitting on the futon after dinner when he averted his attention to the CAL game against I-don't-know-who. It was a tight game (I only know because he briefed me that they were 5 points down). My interest perked when he mentioned "the super-tall Asian guy" and asked if I had seen him. I have!! In the SLC!! Everyone stared at him because he was so tall. I even remember suggesting that he play basketball (good thing I did this among friends and not to the guy directly because apparently he's on the team already...).

Anyhoo, we're watching when I felt something vibrate on my left thigh.
Mr. Woo: Sorry, Boo Boo. I couldn't hold that one in.
Mrs. Woo: Ahhh, it's stinky!!
Mr. Woo: Oh, sorry! *sniff* *sniiiiiiiiiiiiif* (turns back to the game) C'mon, close the gap!
Mrs. Woo: -_-


junia said...

If one party farts, that party ought to inhale in all the methane to prevent other parties from inhaling the toxic fumes.

good one Cyrece.


inescr // indescribable. which describes your feelings!

Esty said...

That tall kid was in one of my classes. I purposely tried to walk next to him so i could measure my height in comparison to his. my head came up to a little higher than his belly button.

dan tsai said...


I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Junia - For some reason, I can see you following through with that one. ;)
@Esty - You're so funny! But now I know that my head is probably somewhere near his belly button!
@Dan - Yes, now I picture Freddy when I think of the guy.