Saturday, October 1, 2011

Selah's nursery under construction

Our Baby Bear is now over a month old, but instead of finishing up her room, it looks like I've got more work cut out for me. You see, Mr. Woo usually gives me great artistic freedom in the home. I did what I could under the conditions of my work schedule, rental rules, etc. before giving birth, but there are a few issues that came up.

The main thing was safety regarding the space above her crib. I had a frame and mirror hanging there, but now I'm finding a new place for them, somewhere I can turn and still easily view the state of my gassy or milk drunk baby.

The glider and ottoman set has also since relocated to our bedroom because the Little Lady spent most of her time there when she came home. A different chair has been holding its place for nighttime feedings. A burp cloth, bottled water, and chap stick are now sitting on the tray placed atop the robin's egg ottoman.

Even the contents of her dresser have gone through some change. We've added a few items and even taken some out, now that we know what we like (side snaps and soy/organic) and dislike (small opening for head and buttons on the back). We received a lot of 0-3 month clothing as gifts so I took the liberty of returning some and exchanging others for bigger sizes for down the road. I considered changing the hardware on her dresser and matching changing table, but I think I like that the modern gray pulls matches the duvet.

Her changing table might be the only area that hasn't needed much alteration. I like its clean lines and the simplicity in decor details opposed to oozing baby. We have a bunny, a pig, and an owl on one side and a family of bears on the other. (Notice the tulip detail to mirror her bedding!) I look forward to when she'll be able to hold those books up instead of squirming. From what I hear, though, we'll be converting it back into its original intent as a desk before we know it.

Here's her view. She likes to look at the pink flower.

I still have a couple crafts that I plan to add to my little girl's room, including a handmade mobile, so maybe rearranging pieces isn't such a terrible thing. Until I'm able to go out and purchase the supplies, I'll stick to the necessities like diaper changes and baths and worry about beautifying later. Or perhaps I can first tackle the mound of her fresh laundry that we throw onto the bed. (It's actually nice to spread it all out in one place but definitely a sight for sore eyes.)

What's something you had (or wished you had) in your room growing up that you still remember today?


dan tsai said...

i wish i had a nintendo in my room.

junia said...

There used to be this small beanbag elephant pillow that our parents would take pictures of us with.. and kind of track growth in that way.

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Dan - I knew one of you guys were going to say that.
@Junia - I plan on doing that with a giant bear (currently taking up an entire armchair in our living room) on her birthday each year.