Friday, October 14, 2011

Still on the Missoni bandwagon

The first time Selah strolled in her snazzy stroller was also her first trip to Target, where the last pairs of two Missoni shoes "somehow" ended up in our cart. They happened to fit my feet so I kept them (great Cinderella story, right?). But I wanted to see if there was anything to my liking for our Little Bear. I poked around the Target website, after the online mess was cleaned up, and ordered a couple items for her with a coupon (yay!) to bring the total down a few beans.

Then on the next week's Target trip (it's amazing how fast we've been going through diapers), Mama Bear spotted a lone beautiful velvet rose print coat in a toddler size, misplaced and hanging amidst some onesies in the children's section.

Mr. Woo: You don't need any more clothes!
Mrs. Woo: It's not for me! It's for Selah!
Mr. Woo: She can't fit into that.
Mrs. Woo: Not yet~

Yes, I am the one who: (a) fits into children's clothing, (b) buys clothes that her child can grow into later, (c) bought another Missoni item.

Just to see what was happening on E(vil)bay, I took a peek. After all, these people were adding tens of each item into their cart on this Black Friday-esque morning and selling for massive profit, from what I read. End result: I managed to score the coat for Selah Bella for less than retail price. Take that, E(vil)bay!

And with that, I am now stepping off of the Missoni bandwagon (unless you or I spot one of those espresso sets).

Did you buy anything from the Missoni for Target collection?


junia said...

HAHAH I really hope you make Selah wear that jacket in the future.

I read an article too about how Missoni clothing is actually going for a LOT on Ebay. hmm!

Hannah said...

AWWW i really like it when people wear matching mommy & me clothes. or when siblings wear matching clothes. except i started hating matching my sister when i hit like 7. BUT! selah's too young to know for now, so onward with the matching mommy & me!! :D