Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Outing on the Missoni bandwagon

Our little bears' den was running low on some supplies, so last week we strapped our precious cargo into the car seat, grabbed the pretty stroller, and headed out the door to Target. (Thank you for all the gift cards!)

Before we even reached the aisles for items on our list, I somehow found myself surrounded by Missoni products. I wasn't one of the people up before opening a la Black Friday and didn't realize why their website was down until later. But there before me was one last pair of rainboots. It was meant to be. While I was trying it on, baby and husband beside my happy self, a Target worker put back a small Missoni box that also looked promising. I snatched it up before the herd of college sorority girls made their way to the end of the aisle. It was smaller than my normal shoe size, but it also fit! It was meant to be.

Meanwhile, Mr. Woo kept himself busy taking pictures of Selah's first time in her stroller. It was an exciting moment for all of us. I did feel a little guilty using money from returned baby gifts (there were lots of doubles and items that we weren't planning on using), but I found the "perfect" Cal wear for our little bear. (Picture coming later!)

Later we had the blessing of babysitters (Thank you, Nolie and Nat Kat!) so that Hubby and I could take a 45 minute breather and go on a little date. We went to Kohl's to use a free $10 card that came in the mail (yippee!) and then grabbed ice cream at Tuckers (get Tin Roof!) before our time was up. We came home with our four-decibels-higher "Selah, did you miss Mommy/Daddy???" only to find her sleeping soundly. Don't worry, she missed us when it came time for a diaper change, especially the 3:00 A.M. ones. Yes, I often change her diaper several times within the hour.

I look forward to holding a hot cup of Starbucks in my hand. Oh wait, I can put it in the "parent cup holder" attached to the stroller. No, I'll hold it. Plus, Mr. Woo has claimed dibs on pushing. He said it's his "man's job." I guess that leaves me with control of what goes in the shopping cart... ;)


Hannah said...

hahaha cuteee! yay target adventure! so cute how mr. woo wants to be involved and have "man duties." clara was saying at WEW last night how happy and thankful she is when JM volunteers to hold ze baby without her urging.

baby bear!!

junia said...

You two are so cute.

Baby makes you guys so cute!

I miss you guys :(

Jennifer Fung said...

hi janee! u and selah have come such a long way since i visited u in the hospital, sounds like quite a journey! hang in there, friend, the Lord is clearly growing and sustaining you according to His perfect will :) what's missoni by the way??