Monday, October 10, 2011

Whale of a time

Selah had sponge baths for quite some time, but she has recently made friends with her whale bath tub.

This one came with an orange fish toy, too. (The pink towel is also a fish. It's supposed to keep the baby warmer when you pour water on her.)

Surprisingly, she not only stayed calm, but seemed to actually enjoy it.

This discovery made Mr. Woo very happy since he was a swimmer and in water polo in his more fit days. He wants to take her to the beach and pool already. Lucky him, I've had a cute swimsuit bought and ready for her ...for next year. I know she was swimming in fluids for nine months, but she also had an umbilical cord preventing her from drowning. No swimming for my baby unless it's less than three inches deep (her bath tub) or in amniotic fluid (my uterus), thank you. Appeals to be considered six months from this date.

Selah Baby, you can thank Mommy later.


Sophia said...

hehe selah is such a cutie :) that's good that she likes her baths! it'll make it easier to make a bedtime routine. and does selah have an outie belly button? hehehe!

I said "I will" to Mr. Woo! said...

@Sophia - She has an umbilical hernia. Doc says it should go away by her one year. :(

junia said...

what if it's a pool filled with amniotic fluid?

Hannah said...

that is the cutest bathtub i've ever seen! we just had an oval tub when i was growing up. baby stuff has definitely come a long way!

dan tsai said...

@junia... that is gross.