Friday, October 28, 2011

My little pumpkin

I used to look at moms who would ask their infant questions like, "Which dress do you want to wear today, pink or purple?" and think, 'Why are they asking if the baby can't even respond? That's so silly.' But I've become that mom. I want Selah involved in everything!

So even though she barely has any depth perception, I insisted that we take her to the pumpkin patch. Luckily, we stumbled across a mini patch that was just the right size for our wee one. And of course I was asking her, "Which pumpkin do you want Selah Bella?" in between, "Oh, Pooki! Let's take a picture next to the scarecrow!" and, "Look at Daddy! Look at Daddy! Look at Daddy!

I'm so glad I didn't have to take her in front of Trader Joe's make shift pumpkin patch for her (going to be) annual pumpkin pictures. I might have gotten some funny looks...

We decided to save the petting zoo section for when she can chase the animals around, or at least stand next to them. Or maybe it's because we're pinching our pennies and didn't want to pay for it.

There's my little pumpkin!
I've been wanting to make pumpkin bread since last year, but got caught up with a different kind of bun in the oven so it never happened. I would have roasted the seeds with a sprinkling of salt too. And when we're going to carve pumpkins I have no idea, but I've got some pumpkin decor ideas saved for whichever year I commit to being crafty no matter the circumstances.

In the end, this is the pumpkin that Selah chose Daddy chose for our Selah. It's cute, little, and round - just like her!

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junia said...

Jane, you look great! (And Selah looks different!)