Monday, October 12, 2009

Chummy bunny

As announced at our wedding by my MOH, I sought to graduate with my M.R.S. degree upon completing enough units of the "requirements." This desire of mine came at a young age.

I prayed for my future husband (though initially it was for items such as: tall, athletic, Korean, sweet, ... you get the idea; very superficial), made donations for two individuals - on behalf of myself and my future husband - whenever possible (yes, I really did call in to the radio station for the Thanksgiving food drive and paid for two people), and did other ridiculously "wow" deeds.

One more that I'm willing to share tonight is a purchase that I made. No, I didn't buy a dress thinking 'When I get a boyfriend I can totally wear this on our first date," nor 'Ohh this tie would be so nice for my [non-existent] fiance,' (though the two have cross my mind...). It's a smaller scale to represent my marriage-happyness.

These pellet-filled bunnies were ordered through a Scholastic Book Order in elementary school:

I thought the pair was really cute and decided that I would buy it and give one to my future husband. After the long wait, with triumphant fists in the air, I finally have been able to cross the finishing line.

I keep mine next to a picture of hubby on my desk (along with the picture holder he made me during VBS):Mr. Woo placed his among (mostly) framed pictures of us on his desk in the study/guest bedroom:

Was it worth it to be able to tell him that I prayed for him (for more substantial things later), made dinner purchases in his name, and show husband the gift I had bought for him so many years ago? You bet. Vintage is definitely "in."


Hannah said...

HAHAHA Jane, you were such a driven little girl... to get a husband! :D and I can't believe u kept those dolls for so long. lol! cuteeee

Rebecca said...

wow!! those dolls are soo precious! i don't know if i've saved anything for that long. maybe a "time capsule" from 3rd grade with some pokemon cards in it. :) cyrus is an answered prayer! hehe

dan tsai said...

You guys make me smile and laugh :)

Christine said...

i love it! you haven't lost your touch at all. :)

Tad said...


Crispy Doughty said...

Reminds me of the Miyazaki film Whisper of the Heart, and the sub-story of a couple that possessed a pair of two cat figurines. A war forced the couple to separate, but each partner kept their own figurine, and vowed that the time when the figurines were reunited, would be the same moment that they would be together again as well. Unfortunately, in that story the ending was rather tragic, and the old shopkeeper kept holding on to that figurine throughout the years. The solitary statue, always standing in solemn longing for the return of his mate, served as a perpetual reminder for the man of the separation from his own beloved.

But in this case, you two have a very happy story indeed. Instead of a split pair, it was one person with a pair without another to share with... but not anymore! =) So cute.

Virginia said...

Jane, you are, um, very goal-oriented and...tenacious.